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Our office in Sevenoaks leaves us well located for our team of experienced lawyers to help elderly clients in the immediate vicinity and in neighbouring west kent towns such as Tonbridge, Bromley, Orpington, Tunbridge Wells and Maidstone. Jane Bennett is a fully Accredited member of Solicitors for the Elderly (SFE). SFE suggest 10 reasons why it makes sense to use a fully Accredited SFE lawyer. read the 10 reasons

JE Bennett Law offer a full range of advice to the elderly client, including Lasting Powers of Attorney; Wills; advice regarding care in the home, or the community; establishing what the Local Authority can or should be offering you; and how funding problems can be resolved whether it be via claims to the Local Authority or the NHS commissioning body, or both. Where necessary, we will also advise you on equity release schemes to the extent that there are implications regarding funding your current/future care. We can also advise you regarding the terms of your, or your loved one’s, care home contract.

Lasting Power of Attorney

If you need to prepare for the eventuality of giving someone else the right to make decisions on your behalf, regarding property & finances and/or health & welfare you can do so via the legal device known as a Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA). For more information, please follow this link to our dedicated Power of Attorney page.

"Their holistic approach to legal services regarding the elderly helps me to feel confident..."

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Community Care Law

If you find the maze of rules and regulations surrounding funding of residential care home places and/or domiciliary care fees confusing, or you are generally worried about whether you will have to use all of your savings to fund your long term care, we are here to help. Following the implementation of the Care Act 2014, regulation of state-funding in care homes and at home, and state-funding of care through the NHS is changing things fast. So too are the rules and codes that will apply to local authorities regarding safeguarding.

  • Do you know what to do or where to turn if you disagree with the decision the local authority or NHS has made regarding your parents’ care and how they should fund it, but feel powerless to help them?
  • Do you have an elderly relative who has been sectioned under the Mental Health Act 1983 in the past and you need advice regarding local authority funding for aftercare in their accommodation?
  • Do you suspect that your loved one or resident in your care home is being abused – financially; physically or psychologically?

If so, we can guide you through the rules and regulations to get the best possible result to protect your loved ones.

We act for private clients and also for care homes who may be facing similar concerns, and we continue to successfully challenge local authority or NHS decisions on funding and/or care.


We offer a full range of Will services including statutory Will applications to the Court of Protection. People often shy away from making or updating their will. Thinking about what will happen when one dies can feel morbid but considering what will happen to one's estate upon death need not feel daunting and should just be treated as an exercise in planning for the future.

If you die without leaving a valid will then your estate will pass in accordance with the rules of intestacy, and these rules set out the order of inheritance. In these circumstances it is not a ‘given’ that your spouse or civil partner or children will inherit and there is the risk that someone that you have no relationship or contact with, for example, could benefit from your estate. A will provides the opportunity to:

  • Choose who you want to act as executor and administer the estate for you
  • Name a guardian for any children under the age of 18
  • Leave gifts to specific individuals or organisations
  • Leave the remainder of your estate to whomever you wish
  • Leave assets in trust for young or vulnerable beneficiaries

  • It is possible to make a will without legal guidance but it is worth bearing in mind that complexity is down to individual circumstances and not always just the size and value of the estate. At JE Bennett Law we can add value to the will making process by explaining clearly the options available to you based on your own specific circumstances. We strongly advise you seek professional advice before making a will, to provide the peace of mind in knowing that your wishes will be adhered to.


    In addition to advice to family members on the death of a loved one, we offer professional Executor/Administrator and trusteeship services to families/beneficiaries, at this difficult time.