Mr A’s story

In a Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority case for Mr A, a relatively modest compensation sum was awarded and several aspects of his claim such as regarding therapeutic input, were not successful. However, with regard to JE Bennett’s input, the Criminal Injuries tribunal acknowledged that the deputy’s role was instrumental in managing Mr A’s ‘significant’ needs. Consequently, ongoing deputyship costs were awarded in the settlement to ensure Mr A’s best interests would continue to be acknowledged and nurtured. Of the support and insight provided by the team, his sister said:

“My brother suffered a criminal assault resulting in an injury to his brain some years ago and we had to wait a long time to achieve settlement via the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority, which finally happened in 2015. Jane and her team have always stood by my brother and this was reflected in his settlement.  Although he did not achieve a sum of money that we thought he required, the tribunal supported his deputy’s costs. The deputy and her team have had to act not only as his deputy but also to provide the kind of support that would normally be given by a case manager. This additional support has been valuable to me and my family and indeed was acknowledged by the tribunal. The family’s role in my brother’s care has remained constant. As was acknowledged by the tribunal judge, our continued support has also put us in the position of case manager.

Jane has also assisted me in fighting for my brother’s rights with regard to the local authority’s choice of care home, and in their funding of his care home and additional needs.

Prior to a professional deputy being appointed, my sister and I both, separately, acted in such a capacity and relinquished it as a result of finding the work in dealing with Court of Protection overwhelming.”