Mr H’s story

Aside from handling Wills, Lasting Power of Attorney and associated matters, Jane frequently represents the needs of the elderly in society by championing claims for continuing healthcare via the NHS and representing those needs in relation to statutory funding via the local authority.  The team’s work also includes investigations into abuse of powers of attorney in cases where the vulnerable party’s wishes or needs have been comprised via wrongdoing attorneys resulting in financial and/or other abuse.  As part of the team’s work, Probate and administration of deceased estate services are also offered where required.

Mrs H said:

“Jane and her team really helped me to understand the many areas of law of which I need to be aware, and which are quite daunting as one gets older, in ways I would not have known without their support and advice.  Their holistic approach to legal services regarding the elderly helps me to feel confident that I am being advised comprehensively, and to avoid my family members having to unpick things later or to take steps that should have been taken for me a lot sooner.”