Case Managers

In any serious personal injury case there is likely to be a need for input from a number of different disciplines. In brain injury cases in particular, there will frequently be the need for the additional assistance of a professional deputy and we have a dedicated team who specialise in providing the help and support required when handling someone’s financial affairs via the Court of Protection.

How JE Bennett Law can assist Case Managers We understand that this can be a daunting time for all concerned, not least the case manager, especially regarding procedures with the Court. At JE Bennett Law, we currently work closely with many case managers, assisting vulnerable people all over the country. We have a growing client base where we dedicate ourselves to working with all involved to ensure the person’s needs are met in the most effective way possible. We believe a holistic approach is essential and we therefore ensure that lines of communication are always open between the protected party, their families and all members of the multidisciplinary team. We pride ourselves on acting with sensitivity and ensure that all members of the team have a friendly and approachable manner. We work alongside an extensive network of professionals, which enables us to provide assistance in relation to all aspects of a person’s life ranging from day to day bill payments through to the buying and selling of suitably adapted properties. We also assist with financial budgeting and ensuring that funds are appropriately invested and the person’s needs catered for, for the duration of their life. Often assistance is also required relating to matrimonial matters or family proceedings, employment issues or long term estate planning, all of which we can offer advice on. On a number of cases where a family member may initially have been appointed, we can either offer advice and guidance to that lay deputy or work together in a hybrid appointment. Rest assured that our experience and qualifications will meet your requirements. Jane Bennett, is a member of the Office of the Public Guardian’s national panel of professional deputies. Jane is regularly appointed by the Court of Protection in circumstances where vulnerable people require representation in order to manage their property and affairs and their care and welfare. This could be due to a brain injury; illness; clinical negligence or age-related issues.