Local Authorities

JE Bennett Law is a specialist vulnerable client law firm. It’s all we do, and we’re passionate about it. Our senior partner Jane Bennett is one of only around 70 national panel deputies in the UK.

We work with a number of Local Authorities in the South and South East. The firm is committed to helping Local Authorities by providing a smooth, swift and efficient transition and to providing the best possible service for the clients. Our role is to make the lives of both the Local Authority teams and their vulnerable clients, a little easier.

"Having referred cases for appointment of a Deputy we have found JE Bennett Law to be helpful, reliable and flexible in the way that they have worked with us." James Sheedy - Head of Client Affairs, Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea

The benefits of working with JE Bennett Law

  • We understand the specific needs of both Local Authorities and their clients.
  • We are highly experienced in the provision of deputyships and deliver an efficient, reliable and caring service.
  • We can add value in cases where you may not have the time, resource or expertise available to deliver the optimal service for your client.
  • We always act promptly to make applications to the court.
  • There is no additional cost to the authority from instructing us.
  • For Court of Protection work, we charge the Courts Fixed Fee or an hourly rate which follows the Solicitors guidelines. Based in Sevenoaks, we are National tier 1 so these rates are significantly lower than London firms.
  • We can offer additional, related vulnerable client services... such as wills and lasting powers of attorney... at special local authority rates
  • We have a dedicated Local Authority helpline.


  • Can you apply for appointment as Appointee whilst awaiting the Deputy Order? Yes, we can start working on the case and with the client straight away.
  • Can you deal with the admin and paperwork on property cases? Yes. When taking on property cases we will deal with the responsibility of securing the property, insurance, property checks and searches, saving you time and money.
  • Do you take on new deputyship cases or take over exisitng ones? Both.
  • On instruction, will you liaise with third parties for information and can you arrange for COP3? Yes. On being instructed to take a case we can obtain information from the LA or are happy to speak to any third parties or search a property, as directed. We can arrange for a COP3 - Assessment of Capacity to be completed.

Call our dedicated Local Authority line on:

01732 454983

or email


Download our Local Authority rate card here.